Horticultural manual in historical gardens

Within European Erasmus+ Project Campo dei Miracoli, output “Abbecedario”, the horticultural manual in historical gardens, called “La horticultura como medio y como fin. El perfil del terapeuta horticultor y los jardines históricos”, has been published: PART I. HORTICULTURAL THERAPY AS AN END AND AS A MEAN. THE PROFILE OF THE THERAPEUTICAL HORTICULTURAL FIGURE Introduction| Horticultural therapy as a mean| Horticultural therapy as an end | The professional figure of the horticultural therapist| The horticultural therapist: professionals approach in many countries | The profile of the horticultural therapist: a united proposal Il profilo del terapeuta orticolo: una proposta unificante | Epilogue PART II. THE HORTOTHERAPY AS AN EXPERIMENTAL MEAN TO VALORIZE… Read more

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